Zizzle iZ



iZ is a 22cm tall, three-legged fusion of toy and music – a space-age, crazy-alien looking new product for 2005.

iZ lets you create your own music by pressing his belly to start and select from a choice of beats. Once you find a sound you like, move iZ’s right ear to add a little rhythm to the equation, and turn his left ear to find a suitable musical lead.

An easy to use tempo control makes the sounds limitless as you create tunes never heard before, and the volume control means you can keep your new composition to yourself until you are ready for your first public performance!

iZ’s eyes independently rock out to the innovative tunes created, bouncing up and down – whilst his horn pulses in rainbow colors to the beat.

A special “flicker” switch dangling above the hysterical creature’s head adds sound effects and “scratch” to really kick up the jam!

Want to listen to your own tunes? iZ also functions as an animatronic interactive speaker. Connect any music source with a standard headphone jack, such as an iPod, Walkman, radio or CD player, and iZ will play your music with his horn flashing lights and his eyes bouncing.

Also able to act like a DJ, iZ will mix by himself – DJ iZ is in the house!

iZ’s also has a cheeky sense of humor – which is demonstrated through burps and other “rude” lifelike noises.

In “Wziz FM” mode iZ becomes a simulated radio pretends to be tuning through a selection of radio channels, twisting his hears moves from one track to another.

  • Available in red, green, and blue
  • Colour changing horn
  • Internal Speaker
  • Independent “ears” adjust lead and rhythm
  • Belly button adjusts beats, tempo and volume
  • Eyes independently move automatically
  • Three legs are adjustable
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)