USB Cannon



around the place in a loud fashion while making them wear silly and degrading clothing? Well then this is for you. The USB Cannon, a foam-flinging device with a circus theme that you control directly on your PC via a USB socket. Offices around the country will be under siege again as even more bits of foam fly all over the place.

But this time, the spongey things look like women. Okay so we don’t know any ladies who happen to be shaped like a perfect cylinder. That would be weird. The designers have decided to go all out with the circus idea. Not only does the big gun have a very loud two-tone paint job but its projectiles are meant to resemble those glamorous assistants who walk around smiling and doing, well, all of nothing really. Luckily thanks to the USB Cannon, we get to fire them off into the distance for a laugh while turning the launcher left, right, up and down.

If this silliness isn’t enough, every time you take a shot, the ejected missile is accompanied by a pre-set sound just to make more of an impact. The USB Cannon also comes complete with software enabling you to download your own choice of sounds. The original aim is to land the soft girls on the provided nets in true circus fashion. That will certainly keep you occupied for a while but who would be able to resist the urge to ‘accidentally’ fire off a round or three at a colleague or friend.

So just plug your cannon straight into your PC and keep that trigger finger itching for a killing because the circus is coming to town. Well not really but if it does happen to roll in, it’s a pure coincidence and we cannot be held liable. Maybe you don’t like the circus. In any case why not turn your office into a circus with the USB Cannon.