Tipla Tower



Do you think you’re able to keep the tower up after a few drinks? It’s based on the old favourite Jenga, with a twist! In Tipla Tower drinking game, like you play Jenga, you have to take turns to remove the blocks from the tower, however, some of the blocks have the words “down in one” on them and you have to do as it says, down your favourite tipple in one using the shot glasses provided!

If you think that Tipla Tower drinking game is difficult when sober, try it after a few beers, believe us, it gets much harder! Rather than using the Jenga style wooden blocks, the Tipla Tower uses plastic coloured blocks that are filled with a silica type of material (for effect only). Two shot glasses are provided.

What’s in the box?!

  • Tipla Tower building blocks, including ‘Down In One’ forfeit blocks
  • Two Tipla Tower shot glasses