The Good Book



Hiding your alcoholism from your loved ones can sometimes be a tricky task, especially with the amount of whisky you’ve got piling up in the kitchen. In all honesty though, everyone loves a sneaky snifter, but stashing a whole bottle of your favourite sauce up your jumper can sometimes look a little bit suspicious! That’s the exact reason why we all poured our selves double bourbon on the rocks and stealthily went forth into drunken merriment when we saw this ingenious hardback book that features a crafty cut-out section containing a high quality stainless steel hip flask.

The Good Book has been specifically designed for drink lovers across the globe to have a quick tipple without raising suspicion. It’s simple. Just fill the stainless steel hip flask with your favourite spirit, pop it into the cut-out section of the Good Book and snap shut without batting an eyelid. No-one’s the wiser, except you and your bootlegging book! Put the Good Book in your bookcase or simply slide it into your drawer, safe in the knowledge that any plonk pilferers or booze bandits won’t be reading a verse from Leviticus 20:3 in the hunt for your sacred holy spirit.

This inviting item of reading matter will ensure you’ve got a bit of a cheeky tipple to keep you warm through the winter months. Okay, so if you’re looking to brush up on your Joshua 24’s or Proverbs 31’s, you are definitely on the wrong page, for that, it is not. For this wondrous Good Book is for those who haveth the need to secrete their holy water so would-be thieves cannot drinketh for themselves…eth!

Give the Good Book as a gift and you can hand write a touching and heartfelt greeting on the inside cover (you know like your grandparents used to inside your Beano annual every Christmas). Or you can fill the flask with the recipient’s favourite tipple. If you really want to push the boat out nip into your local Key cutting shop and get the flask engraved! The options are endless. One thing’s for sure, the Good Book is guaranteed to fly off the shelves quicker than you can say ‘kum-by-yah my lord’, so what are you waiting for? Order yours immediately!