The A Team R/C Van



‘Back in 1972 a crack commando unit headed by a mohawked henchman was imprisoned by the military courts for a crime that they didn’t commit…’ If these words mean anything to you then you were clearly one of the many fans that sat glued to the telly every Saturday night watching the worlds most famous fugitives for hire. Finally an R/C replica of the A-Team’s GMC van has skidded onto the market and it’s just as ultra macho as you remember.

The A Team R/C Van boasts a twin toggle transmitter and you’ll soon be screeching around screaming ‘I ain’t getting on no plane fool!’ – and why would you when you’re behind the wheel of this four wheeled monster. You can even hum the theme tune as you rescue various saddos from small time villains.

The A Team R/C Van even sports its red stripe and extravagant rooftop spoiler and that’s no surprise at all when you think about the sheer brilliance of the A-Team. Who else could make an armored car out of a bunch of toilet rolls and still look cool? The A-Team screamed class. Just like this battery-operated beauty.

The A Team R/C Van has full function control – forward, reverse, left, right, stop and a turbo boost feature. It has working headlights, custom red wheels, bull bar and roof spot lights. All batteries are included to run the A Team R/C Van and we suggest you hit the buy button immediately before they drive right out of the stock rooms never to be seen again (just like Mr T apart from in a dodgy snickers advert).