Talking Little Britain Dolls



I want that one! There’s no time for a kerfuffle while you decide which to buy – these are sure to sell out faster than one of Vicky’s rants!

We have limited stock of talking 12″ plush replicas of two of the most popular characters from the smash hit BBC TV series “Little Britain”.

In the town of Darkly Noone resides youngVicky Pollard, an incomprehensible teenager and the nemesis of many a teacher and social worker. Often heard rambling about “this fing wot you know nuffin about”, she stubs out her fags, orders snakebite and totally denies any responsibility for anything, ever.
Vicky’s doll spews incoherent rants such as “No Doctor ‘cos you can only get pregnant by sitting in someone’s bathwater! An anyway if anyone’s pregnant it’s Jo Rowley because Meredith reckons she seen her with her hand down Ashley’s trackie bottoms”

Committed ‘homosexualist’ Daffyd lives in the Welsh town of Llanddewi Brefi. Proud to be gay, Daffyd flaunts his sexuality in variety of rubber outfits, to the villagers’ complete indifference. He refuses to accept he’s not the only ‘gayer’ in the village, and is outraged when fellow gays trespass on his patch.

Daffyd’s doll laments include “Oh no Myfanwy, I couldn’t possibly walk all the way over there. These hotpants give me terrible chaffing'”
These are, of course, Official Little Britain products, and come complete with 3 x AAA batteries.