Tabletop Casino



Telling a man not to gamble is like putting a cake in front of a fat kid and telling him not to eat it! Every fella loves slinging his money down on a table, whether they’re winning or just flushing their hard earned dollar down the bog, gambling is fun! Now we’re not telling you to go all out on a 10 grand game of Blackjack but we would appreciate if you spent a few minutes taking a quick look at the Tabletop Casino!

Things to do these days are far and few, it’s either go to the pub, watch the game or erm… go to the pub. You could visit one of those plush casinos up town but before you’ve even got there you’ve done a score on train fares! So what could be better than staging your own games night. Not only do you have the exclusive roll as banker, you also get the satisfaction of clearing your mates’ wallets who always go on about what a big hitter they are. It’s time to shut ’em up!

The Tabletop Casino set unfolds to form a stylish, fully functional casino playing mat. Covered in a fine dark green baize, it has 3 of the casinos most popular games built into it. You can spin the wheel on roulette, kiss the dice playing craps and twist or burn at Blackjack. Whatever you decide to play on the Tabletop Casino your mates are will be green with envy and you’ll be king of the casino in a real Al Pacino fashion!


  • 3 Games in 1 Set – Black Jack, Roulette, and Craps – set consists of a reversible board, which fits securely on to the base unit providing you with a solid playing surface for the Craps table with:
  • Dice sweeper
  • Roulette board and wheel
  • Blackjack board
  • 100 piece chip set with storage box
  • Two piece dice set
  • Pair of standard deck playing cards