Super Soft Magnetic Monkeys



These little monkeys are proving to be incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why – they are just so cute! Looking just like sweet innocent fluffy long-limbed monkeys, they managed to bring the Gadget Shop office to a standstill. We’ve even had cases of the monkeys being kidnapped! You can’t go out of the office without someone moving the monkies around.

You can hang them off metal lampshades, shelves, filing cabinets, or (as happened in our office) posed on a magnetic whiteboard, complete with court and net which some wit had drawn so the monkeys could play volleyball!

There are 8 different Monkeys to collect, and they are social animals by nature and love being together. You can connect two (or lots more!) together with their little magnetic feet. We have even seen them worn as a bracelet and a necklace. Aww bless!

  • Super-soft plush fur
  • Magnets in the feet and paws
  • 8 different monkeys to collect
  • Approx 17cm high with 25cm arm span