Stainless Steel Ice Crusher



Ice cubes are so last century! Fine for slowly cooling things down, but they do it soooo slowly, and are indelicately brick-like in appearance. Fear not – Gadget Shop have come to the rescue! Simply pop some ice in the top of this crusher, wind the handle and voila! Stylish 21st century crushed appears in the tray.

Crushed ice really gives cocktails, daiquiris, smoothies and fruit juice a zing that old fashioned ice cubes just cannot manage. Humble lemonade becomes as refreshing as jumping into a mountain stream! Crushed ice isn’t just for summer party drinks either; spread a layer of it on a tray and use it to serve a salad or shellfish on, superb!

Guaranteed to break the ice at parties, barbecues, picnics, anywhere!

  • Stylish chrome and black finish
  • Includes ice tray and scoop
  • Size: 28cm high x 13cm wide x 13.5cm deep (11 x 5 x 5 in approx)