SSX Snowboarder



Get your backside off the couch, on to the slopes and snowboard for real with this amazing SSX Snowboarder plug ‘n’ play system . Forget about your new age, high tech console because this tremendous gaming device puts you on the board itself, your actions mimic your movements on screen with ultra realistic snowboard control.

However you move or lean on the board your on screen character will do exactly the same. You literally ride the board just like the real thing, tilt left and right to twist up turns; you can perform tricks and grabs and lean forwards and backwards to control your speed.

Take control of the madcap SSX characters, as you ride the wild slopes! Ultra-realistic board action takes you through four exciting events, where you can demonstrate your free-styling skills in Show Off or strive for the best time in Time Challenge. Ride the half-pipes of your dreams in Pipedream and catch some serious air in Tokyo Megaplex.

So it’s either stay slumped, hunched and slouched over in your grotty old armchair or get right amongst it – leaning, twisting and grabbing your board. The graphics and gameplay are out of this world and all of the legendary SSX characters are ready to race!

Blast down the mountain with SSX Snowboarder! Experience the extreme sport of snowboarding any time, any season, from the comfort of your living room. Catch Insane air, learn ridiculous tricks, earn the points, and show your friends just how sick you really are!


  • Use skill, balance and fast feet to perform awesome stunts and tricks across four mega SSX courses
  • No console required, simple plug directly into the TV
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Batteries: 4 x AA (not included)