Space Food



Going up in space is all well and good (not that we’d really know) but what happens when you get a case of the munchies? Back in the day, the first American in space dined his heart out on applesauce. He probably felt like he was eating baby food – and he probably cried like an infant too. The big girl. Things have improved since then. Now anyone can get a neckfull of nutrition with Space Food, cosmic cuisine at its finest. It’s perfect for all us lot who haven’t a hope in hell of leaving the Earth’s atmos’.

Being stuck in the deep dark dismal depths of the unknown universe for months on end calls for special food that provides a tasty reminder of home to all our heroic space crusaders. It must also have non-perishable tendencies. Really really ridiculously big non-perishable tendencies.

That is why NASA was so very thoughtful in cooking up some real grub for its astronauts all those years ago. Real food, yes, but somewhat different. It has been freeze-dried to remove water and placed in special pouches that block out moisture and oxygen. This enables spacemen (of the human kind) to store food for extended periods of time without refrigeration. We have some examples direct from the Kennedy Space Centre’s magnificent menu right here for your dining pleasure and this Space Food actually is the real thing. Choose from freeze-dried strawberries, cinnamon apple wedges or everyone’s favourite, Neapolitan ice-cream. Weird thing is, they actually taste pretty much like they should – just a little different and certainly quite a bit drier. But they don’t leave a weird taste in your mouth. We reckon the most interesting one is the Neapolitan ice-cream as each of its three flavours (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) individually taste like wot they outta. Bizarre…

Serving suggestions:

Space Food will come in very handy if you are going camping for a few days in the wild as you won’t have a fridge to store your favourite snacks. It is also very compact and will therefore take up no room at all in that already tiny tent of yours. You could also keep it in your car for emergencies. For that time when your stuck in the biggest traffic jam on the motorway in the middle of winter. Traffic’s stationary for hours and you can’t put the heater on. Wouldn’t it be great to have some food handy as well as that emergency blanket you also thought of packing…

On a slightly less dramatic note, if you are planning an anti-gravity outing in one of those big cargo jets that simulates weightlessness by doing vertical dives, why not buy some Capri Sun drink to wash down the strawberries. It would be the ultimate space simulation. Incidentally, those Capri Suns are the perfect example of space technology filtering down to us layman type, improving packaging and shelf life of our earth-bound foods and drinks. Which is very nice thank you very much.

So prepare to enjoy strawberries, cinnamon apple wedges and Neapolitan ice-cream heaven. Next stop, crops being grown in labs on Mars! It’s the future, just you wait and see. In the meantime, tuck in to some yummy desert treats with our carefully selected ‘A la carte’ menu of Space Food… NASA nosh? Nice.