Sonic Grenade



Don’t you just hate trying to get your kids or your partner out of bed in the morning and then suffering the backlash afterwards? Well, we’ve found the answer to solve your problem: the Sonic Grenade!!

As we all know, trying to drag that sausage- breathed monster out of its pit at half past silly o’ clock in the morning is not a challenge you can really be bothered with every day of your oh so strenuous life. So we decided to turn this increasingly boring and troublesome process into quite an amusing and cruel operation with the Sonic Grenade!

This thing emits some serious noise and is bound to wake up the sleepiest of little bears in the morning. All you’ve got to do is creep into the unsuspecting sleeper’s lair, pull out the pin from the grenade and shout ‘grenade’, as you launch the alarm into the room. Give it 20 seconds and the Sonic Grenade will begin to make a near-ear piercing siren. Not only will this nifty little grenade wake up the dreary eyed victim it won’t stop screeching until they come and find you, the pinholder! Ha ha – evil and we love it!


  • The Sonic Grenade has 3 volume levels.
  • Pull the pin and 20 seconds later the alarm will sound.
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 13 x 8 x 6cm