Snowcone Maker



Bring on the summer, bring it on we say! When BBQ season beckons, the best thing to do is get out in the sunshine. But when it’s hot outside, there’s no better way to cool down than to suck on some flavoured ice cones. And why not do it the old-school fashion with the Snowcone Maker.

The Snowcone Maker is styled on one of those lovely looking carnival carts from the early 1900’s with its elegant old-school wheels and golden trim but this one is designed to sit on a table in your kitchen, plug into the wall and provide the thirsty masses with cones, smoothies and slushies galore.

That’s right, while the Snowcone Maker sits there looking all pretty and everything, it can also produce scoop after scoop of ice for your cone-munching needs. Simply bung ice cubes into the top of the machine, replace the plastic cover, turn on at the mains and this brilliant gadget shaves your ice and stores it in the clear container underneath.

The next step is to open that little door, scoop out some cold mush, compact into a paper cone and then squirt your preferred flavoured syrup over the icy mound. A wide variety of these syrups are available in supermarkets or online. But why not get adventurous and pre-freeze some fruit juice, milk or even yoghurt (see Serving Suggestions below) or indeed anything you want in your ice cube tray and use these clever cubes in your Snowcone Maker.

Serving Suggestions:

Snowcone: go for the trusty ol’ traditional snowcone look by adding your choice of flavoured syrup to the ice. Nice.

Slushie: expand your horizons by filling a glass with shaved ice and soft drink, tea, or fruit juice.

Fruit slushie: go for ice, fruit juice and chopped fresh fruit in a glass. Ummm fruity!

Yoghurt snowcone: pre-freeze natural or flavoured yoghurt but giving it a shave. Squirt on some syrup for added yumminess

Juice snowcone: pre-freeze the fruit juice of your choice. You’ve already guessed what to do next.

In fact you can add your freshly frozen ice slush to just about anything, whack it all in a blender and blend away. Why not try pre-frozen milk shavings mixed with bananas, strawberries or even chocolate for a great-tasting cold summer drink. The world is your oyster. Just don’t go and put oysters in the blender though…

So roll up, roll down, roll it all around and get cold as ice with the Snowcone Maker, the best way to stay too cool for school this summer. Just don’t let the kids read this!