Shocking Roulette



Now when someone mentions the game roulette you automatically think about whacking a tux on, sipping on cocktails and spending some serious money. But what if you were to find out that not only on those nerve wrenching spins you would lose your money, you would also get a nasty electric shock straight through your finger?

Would you still want to play? Of course you would and why not, it’s not going to hurt that much is it?? Well, now you can with this ingenious gaming device -Shocking Roulette.

Such a simple idea and so much fun. Up to four nervous players insert a finger into one of the electric shock chambers and then the player in the No.1 slot presses the start button. This sets the invisible electric ball (as it were) into motion. Grit your teeth and get ready to get stung as the countdown sequence begins with beeps, lights and realistic sound effects of a traditional roulette wheel as the ball homes in on its final destination.

Shocking Roulette will begin to slow,the sequence will gradually begin to stop and then eventually land on the unlucky victim’s chamber, where it emits a nasty electric shock! It’s harmless but it’s certainly enough to make you jump 6 feet back in horror – and the more you get shocked the more fun it is on the next game because your nerves are in such a mess!

The great thing about Shocking Roulette is that it’s only 15cm wide and 5cm high so you could quite easily slip it in your pocket, take it down the pub with you and stitch up your double hard mates! In essence, any game that uses the world victims instead of players has got to be worth it’s weight in gold. Shocking fun!


  • Shocking Roulette disc
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Emits electrical shock
  • Do not use if you suffer from Epilepsy or any similar or related illness