Shocking Laser Guns



Back in the good old days in the Wild West there was really only one way of settling an argument: a duel. But luckily for us times have changed and the duel has been scrapped for a futuristic version with a shocking twist. Next time you need to settle your differences strap one of these to your chest and battle it out until your hair is standing on end, literally. So much more fun than having a real bullet lodged kneecap.

The Shocking Guns are just like Laser Quest, but with a difference! It’s all good in love and war running around shooting each other with lots of pretty red lights and lasers but add a bit of shock and pain to the situation and it’s bound to make the whole experience a shed load more exciting!
All the kit you need is in the box. You get two hefty guns and two target plates which you strap to your chest. All you’ve got to do is switch them on! Every time you or your opponents target gets shot, the unlucky victim receives an electric shock direct from the gun! Once you’ve shot your opponent five times, they’re out!

For those of you who think you can hack it or for those who don’t, there are two levels of shock – tough nut or wimp. The guns reload automatically and are built with super accurate, long range laser shock beams. If you think you’ve got what it takes give the Shocking Guns a try!

Safety note: Please make sure that all breakables are removed from range before play commences, as it is a well known fact that those who engage in laser gun battles may well become carried away for a number of hours!