Rhythm Sticks

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Drumsticks that don’t need a drum – what next? Each of these magical drumsticks, a.k.a Rhythm Sticks, has a tiny speaker on the base and when you hit things with ’em, they make a perfect drum sound! We don’t know about you but to us these are just pure brilliance. Perfect for big entries and even better for finishing the punchline to a joke! Boom boom!

Rhythm Sticks are musical must-haves for anyone who’s ever pretended to drum along to their favourite ditty, even if it is only to the intro of Eastenders!

These revolutionary electronic drumsticks are a massive step forward in the art of err…. well, playing pretend drums. You don’t even need your own drumkit to start crashing out some fresh and funky beats because of the tiny built-in speakers in the bottom of each Rhythm Stick. Every time one of the rubber tips on each stick hits a surface or strikes the air you hear a fantastic drum sound!

At the flick of switch you can choose between snare drum, tom-tom, crash cymbal, either to create your own drum rhythms or to look like a right wally and play along with optional background music. Rhythm Sticks are ideal for pretty much anyone because once they’re out everybody seems to want a turn! Better still, there are bright red LEDs within the Rhythm sticks inside the durable tips, which means they’re perfect for a spot of midnight drumming!


  • Rhythm Sticks can switch from snare, tom-tom and crash cymbal
  • Hit on any surface to create noise
  • Approximately 34cm long
  • 4 x AA Batteries – 2 x 2 (not included).