Remote Control Davros



Doctor Who needs no introduction, every kid knows about the scary Daleks, Autons and Cybermen now. But to those of us who are fans of the previous series, something far, far scarier awaits. Daleks might have scared you so much you hid behind the sofa, but only Davros was so terrifyingly evil you had to leave the room or change channel (well, for 15 seconds anyway – Sale of the Century was pretty bad).

The evil genius scientist made infamous in “Genesis of the Daleks” is finally here! Literally the Daddy of the Daleks! This infra-red remote controlled Davros doesn’t just trundle about flashing it’s lights scaring small children and pets, it talks with the authentic Davros voice.

Perfect for Dalek collectors who NEEEED A LEEEEADEEER!!!!

  • Special limited edition – available now!
  • Tardis shaped hand controller
  • Full range of motion
  • 14cm (6 in) high approx.
  • Requires – 3 x AA batteries for Davros Model and 3 x AAA for Controller (included)

Note for those under 30:
Davros was a genetic scientist, who evilly mutated the Kaled race to become his warriors and take over the universe. That squidgy thing inside the Dalek which you might have seen in the 2005 series is a one such Kaled!