Real Swing Golf Plug ‘n’ Play



Get off the sofa and on to the fairway! With the Real Swing Golf Plug ‘n’ Play you can now play a round (or two) of golf in the comfort of your own living room. Up to four players can compete in the ultimate plug and play golf game. No more hunting for golfballs amongst the overgrown shrubbery so tee it up and never leave home!

Every golf fan will tell you that there’s nothing quite like going out on a sunny day and whacking a few balls up the fairway. But what happens if it’s peeing down with rain or you just can’t be bothered to get your fat backside off the couch? Golf gets put aside to the following weekend and so it goes on. But what if you could play in the comfort of your own front room? We’re not joking, now you can with Real Swing Golf!

So you could play golf on whichever new age console that you’ve got but where’s the fun in button bashing and joystick pulling when you could be swinging a real club and shouting birdie?! The clever part of the Real Swing Golf game lies in the ultra sensitive CMOS camera installed into the main unit that detects the swing, speed and path of the golf club that comes with the game.

The beautifully designed 18 hole golf course is similar to something you’d see at the Golden Bell or Pebble Beach with full features such as bunkers, doglegs, water hazards and finely mowed greens. You can play either Regular Play, Match Play, Tournament or Driving Range and the game throws features like wind or weather conditions at you. The intelligent golf club can even tell exactly how you hit the ball, whether you chipped it, sliced it or completely scuffed it, Real Swing Golf can detect evry movement precisely!

Real Swing Golf is ideal for any golfer, but it’s also perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to smash a ball on a golf course without shedding out £500 quid on a new set of clubs and dodgy trousers! It’s extremely addictive and once you’ve got used to the super clever club you’ll be putting like Tiger and smacking balls the length of… erm… a fairway… Fore!


  • CMOS camera detects your swing path and shot power
  • Drive, chip and putt round a fully featured 18 hole golf course.
  • Slicing, hooking and variable wind conditions add to the realism.
  • Four Game modes- Match Play, Skins, Tournament and Driving range.
  • No console required, simply plug into your TV.
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Batteries: 4 x AA (not included)