Race Cups



When you think of stacking cups, you tend to think of tidying up the night after a long night of debauchery. Luckily Race cups isn’t that tedious! Gadget Shop is thrilled to bring you the very latest craze straight from America – the sport/game that’s completely out of this world. Whether you’re sporty or not, you won’t be able to put these cups down once you’ve got your hands on them.

Cup racing is an exciting new sport (yes, sport) where participants stack and unstack 12 cups in pre-determined sequences in the shortest time possible. There is a variety of sequences and different World Records for each one! Individually, stackers race against the clock for the fastest or best times. Stackers can also compete on a relay team racing against another team in head-to-head battle. And with practice you can stack at some serious speeds!

Race Cups uses a “Stack Mat” and patented “Stop Clock” designed with hand pads and a digital timer that will begin counting as soon as the stacker’s hands are lifted from the pads; it stops when they are slammed back down after completing their set. This cutting edge technology isn’t used anywhere else in the world of cup stacking and is normally used for the World Record attempts!

When we saw the video of the World record holder we thought they had speeded up the video, it was that fast! The current World Record for the fastest Speed Stacking sequence is 7.43 seconds held by Emily Fox from the U.S.A! But remember, how you can be expected to break World records if you don’t have the official Race Cups set! Add some to your cart now and get stacking!

  • 1 x Stack Mat
  • 1 x Official Speed Stacks hand timer
  • 12 x Speed Stacks cups
  • 1 x Carry case
  • Colours may vary