This is a superb thinking game. As we all know, games help us to exercise our minds, improve our thinking skills, problem solving intelligence and can be lots of fun! Pylos is no exception – a real mind boggler! Building pyramids, lots of balls and lots of thought makes Pylos a great up and coming puzzle to get your nails right into!

The game of Pylos is very simple. But, as we all know, the simple ones are always the best! It’s a game of building pyramids out of marbles! But don’t be fooled, it’s certainly not easy (ask the Egyptians) and besides, it’s not actually your goal! The object of Pylos is to be the player who places the last marble at the pinnacle of the pyramid!

For those of you who haven’t got a firm grasp of how it works already, let us explain… two players have 15 wooden marbles each. Players take turns in placing one of their marbles in the 16 dents on the base of the board. As the pyramid begins to take shape, the balls must be placed on top of each other to elevate the structure towards the dreaded pinnacle.

In order to win Pylos a lot of forward thinking is required, as saving a ball for the final move remains your goal.
In this game if you start, you are destined to lose – unless on your turn, you can save having to use one of your precious balls, from around the edge. Do you position your marble to block your opponent or move one of your played balls to a new location? Strategy is the key!

Most games of Pylos last about 15 minutes and you can chop and change the rules depending on just how good you think you are. It’s great for playing at home and is an even better desktop companion. This game will have you enthralled, captivated and very intrigued it’s truly ‘marble’-ous!


  • Wooden gameboard
  • 15 light coloured wooden balls
  • 15 dark coloured wooden balls
  • Instruction booklet included
  • Manufactured in France by Gigamic SA
  • Game for 2 players
  • Suitable for children and adults aged 8+
  • Game Box Size: 185 x 185 x 45mm