PSP Pro Accessories



You’ve got your grubby mitts on the gadget of the year – a gorgeous PSP but know what? – it’s either play on it so much that it’s caked with fingerprints or let all of your jealous mates give it a bash with their green with envy dirty paws. So, what do you do? First things first – take a look at these brilliant protective accessories which are specifically designed for the very best handheld console in the universe!

Let us present to you our personal favourite – the sexy sleek Aluminium Protective case. This uber cool and ultra sturdy protective case will keep your gorgeous PSP completely protected, smudge and scratch free when you’re not using it. The PSP Aluminium Protective Case is beautifully designed and finished to meet the exact specifications of your precious PSP. It is made of aircraft grade aluminium with a tough anodised finish and completely lined with soft, protective neoprene. Your PSP sits safely inside the lightweight and rigid protective outer cover and cut-outs give you easy access to all of your handheld’s ports and controls and the device can even be docked! £14.95

Next is the EVA Airform Protective case. This case includes a wrist strap so that your ultimate game machine is always within hands reach. The Airform PSP Case is a black semi-firm case with space inside for a few UMD’s and two straps to hold the PSP down. The whole interior can be closed off with a zipper. There is also a carry strap that is permanently attached to the case so you can wrap it round your wrist when walking down dark alleys! Unzip the case and you will find a separate enclosure to keep your additional games or other gadgets. And best of all, the whole things covered in a splash proof coating to keep it dry in case of spillages when you’ve just scored a Rooney wonder goal. But you wouldn’t do that… would you??? £9.95

Last, but by no means least, of the protective cases comes the ultra cool Silicone Skin. As the name suggests this rubbery piece of protective outer skin is made from silicone and specifically designed not to get in the way while you’re gaming. It protects your PSP from knocks and scratches and has special cut-outs for cursor and other gaming buttons. It comes in black and is guaranteed to keep that super stylish look about your beloved PSP. £7.95

If you’re anything like any of us we know that you’d appreciate it if you could play your favourite games just that little bit longer. Well, guess what? Now you can with the Sony PSP Extended Battery Pack. This crafty little gadget plugs directly into the port where your normal battery would go but gives you twice the playing time. So no more sitting on the bus just about to blow the head off an alien and your battery dies. Brilliant! £14.95

Our view is that these ergonomically designed peripherals are essential pieces of kit for any self-proclaimed PSP games master. So add them to your cart immediately before you blame us for having a gargantuan scratch on your screen or your battery fails on the last level of your favourite game!