Predator PR1000 Paintball Gun



A paintball gun for how much? Yes folks we’ve done it again! A paintball gun for under twenty quid! Super powerful, super accurate and very, very messy ! For those of you who haven’t done it yet, paintball is the next best thing from donning a real AK47 and shooting the living daylight out of the nearest thing that moves. The Predator PR1000 shoots powerfully, accurately and just how it’s name describes it, ‘splats’ like an absolute dream!

The smart 28cm silver and black gun fires small paintballs accurately over a long range; we estimated at least 50 metres (the minimum recommended shooting distance is 5 metres). The balls are fired by a high-powered spring mechanism, as no batteries or CO2 are required, unlike some similar models. It certainly feels suitably powerful when you fire it and produces a satisfying splat when the ball hits a hard object.

The paint is bio-degradable and water based so it washes off. Protective goggles and a wipeable plastic target are provided, along with a cartridge of 10 paintballs. Packs of 320 additional paintballs are available. But be warned this gun is a lot more powerful than others, which are similar, so please handle with extreme care!


  • Predator PR1000 Paintball Gun, 28cm
  • Protective goggles
  • Wipeable target
  • Paintball cartridge x10