Pocket IQ Test

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Just how clever are you? Absolute div, no common sense, average Joe or out and out brainbox? Well, now you’ll know! The Pocket IQ Test will determine exactly which one of the above you are. Crammed packed with questions and puzzles to tease your brain and to finally prove who is the brainiest, once and for all! Everyone’s got a mate who thinks he knows it all. It’s finally time to shut those big headed self proclaimed geniuses up and present them with the Pocket IQ Test.

To test a person’s brain power properly you will need to test it from all sorts of angles. That doesn’t mean standing 45 degrees to the left of them and firing 20 questions quicker than Bob Holness on an acid trip. It means testing their different cognitive abilities and the amazing Pocket IQ Test will definitely do the trick!

This pocket sized mind bending kit will give you an accurate evaluation of your IQ in about half an hour. Just answer all 60 of the multiple choice questions from the 2 different laminated question concertinas, add up your score and it will tell you your IQ! Scared? You should be! Below are a few examples of some of the types of questions that will be in the test:

All of the questions vary from the next in sequence to word puzzles, arithmetic and those annoying questions like ‘ If Peter was at A and Katie was at B, where was John? If you don’t know, you can always guess because everything will get tallied up at the end anyway. The Pocket IQ Test is perfect for down the pub, round your house or anywhere else there’s a closet know-it-all who needs to belt up. Whether it’s to take the test yourself or to simply stitch up your mates, if you’ve got this dinky little kit in your sky rocket you certainly won’t be the one wearing the dunce’s hat – again!


  • Question, Answer, Sample & Scoring Cards.
    60 Questions to tease your brain and prove who is the brainiest once and for all!