goodbye to your Robosapien and enter the Jurassic, yet hi tech world of Pleo – the intelligent prehistoric plaything that is documented to be the most sophisticated robotic pet of the millennium!

This cute little Camarasaurus has got to be the most amazing robotic pet we’ve ever seen and is taking the prehistoric world of robotic dinosaurs by storm! The reason being is that every single Pleo is unique! Every time a Pleo is born (or switched on) it begins to develop its own personality and his moods and habits progress depending on how the owner interacts with him.

PleoUnlike any other robotic pet, Pleo reacts organically without the help of any controllers. Pleo’s ultra advanced internal sensory system boasts hundreds of tiny receptors that allow him to move autonomously. Pleo will sniff his surroundings, stamp his feet and he even makes a hooting noise when he’s feeling happy or playful. He even limps if he’s hurt!

If Pleo is scared of something you will have to comfort and reassure him and be careful not to leave him alone too long or he will become lonely. The more experiences you give Pleo the more his confidence will grow. Just like a real pet, but without the droppings!

PleoPleo’s internal battery will give him an hour on his feet from a 4 hour charge, and when he needs food (charging) he will yawn and become lazy and maybe a little irritable if he’s really famished. Just remember, treat Pleo as you would a real pet because his personality and character will grow over time, just like technology has with this ultimate piece of prehistoric robotic reptilia!