Phlat Ball XT



Phlat Ball is the cool, new award winning sports toy that you throw as a disc and catch as a ball. Its unique time delay feature ads an element of surprise to game play or even just having a catch. The Phlat Ball is the perfect outdoor toy for both adults and children.The Phlat ball is thrown like a disc by squeezing down the middle to set the time delay, then in the air it transforms into a ball.

The Phlat Ball has a waterproof, foam exterior, which makes its ideal for the beach or pool. And as it can be squeezed into a flat object it is easily stored or packed for summer holidays and day trips. Phlat Ball is a great outdoor toy wherever you are, such as playing in the park, playground or simply in the garden at home.


  • The Phlat ball measures 32 x 25 x 6 cms
  • Comes in either red or blue
  • A totally new innovation for playing catch.