Panoramica DVD’s



Ever found yourself hosting a little soiree at your gaff where something didn’t feel quite right? The music wasn’t at fault nor was your culinary expertise to blame. Yet the ambiance didn’t seem right. Was the TV left on? Having the box on, providing a subtle background effect while everyone natters away like Davina McCall on eviction night is certainly a good thing. It’s like having a mirror in a small room: adds depth and an extra dimension. One problem though. Inevitably, someone is going to turn over to the footy. When that happens, you know the evening has gone down the dunny.

To avoid this situation and still provide a pleasurable party atmosphere for your guests, we have the perfect solution. They are called the Panoramica DVD collection and there’s five to choose from. Each disc features breathtaking stills and moving images from a range of world-renowned artists and photographers hailing from Italy, Ireland, England and the United States.

Whack in a Panoramica DVD, hide all the remote controls and observe as your living room is transformed into a sophisticated party palace. The speed of the slideshow can be set for 1, 3 or 5 minutes per picture so the result will be hours and hours of images slowly scrolling by on your TV set. Your guests will be mesmerised, unless they have taken some crazy substances, they probably won’t be glued to the telly all night long, leaving everyone in a talkie mood. There’s no narrative, no storytelling, just a constant stream of pretty picture-perfect panoramic plushness. Priceless!

The Panoramica DVDs are equally great for use as a lush background any time of the day or night when you’re pottering around the house being lazy. In fact, the images contained on each DVD are so gorgeous and intriguing that you may find yourself leaving the TV on permanently. And bedtime could take on a whole new dimension too if you have a screen in your room. Whack on a Panoramica and let it lull you all the way to sleepy land. Sweet dreams.

These Panoramica DVDs are a great addition to anyone’s DVD collection and unlike that clever but slightly dull art house movie that you’ve only watched once, these will definitely get some serious use. Forget forking out for pricey prints in fabulous frames, get yourself a Panoramica DVD or two!