Everyone loves games where you have to balance things on stuff probably because it’s reasonably easy, everyone can do it and there’s nothing better than watching your opponents tower tumble after they’ve tried so hard to keep a steady hand! That’s why we know you’ll just love Ntropy.

If you loved Jenga then you’re guaranteed to love this because Ntropy is the big daddy of the stackable games world, as is Heinz in the ketchup world to er say… big daddy’s. This 3D balancing game is so addictive you’ll be sitting on your hands to stop you playing again and again!

Instead of the reducing the structure like Jenga, N-Tropy requires you to build huge and complicated structures. Basically, Ntropy is a game of creative construction, calculated risk and cool nerve – there’s even an element of modern art in there somewhere too. Well, possibly anyway.

Players start with an equal number of drumstick-like sticks which they take in turn to place on the developing structure. Rolling a dice determines how you must balance your stick and if any sticks fall off during your go, they are added to your collection. The first person to get rid of all their sticks is the winner – unless of course the whole thing comes tumbling down.


  • 60 Wooden sticks
  • Ntropy sphere
  • 3 Legs
  • 2 Notched sticks
  • A oner, twoer dice
  • Printed instructions