Magic Messenger



You can now send & receive text messages from your home phone to other home numbers and other mobile networks by using our Magic Messenger, in conjunction with the new BT Home Text service.

BT Home Text links directly with the mobile phone networks (see table on bottom left) allowing messages to be sent to and from home phones just as easily as between mobiles!

The Magic Messenger unit, similar in size to a desk calculator, plugs into a phone socket & is the first dedicated “land line” text messaging unit to be launched in the UK.

Designed to make texting easy, quick and fun, the unit is feature rich with:

  • Qwerty keyboard
  • 3 line blue backlit LCD screen
  • Security password to prevent unauthorised access
  • Group send function
  • 24 pre programmed smilies
  • Dial / text back feature
  • 95 number directory
  • Store caller id details of incoming calls

In order to operate the Home Text service the user needs to subscribe to BT’s Caller Display service. The Magic Messenger is supplied with 3 months FREE subscription, after which Caller display costs just £1.75 per month. The cost of each text message (currently 10p) is billed to your BT account.