Keyboard Organiser



Keyboard Organiser™ is a unique keyboard that opens like a clam shell to enable users to store their everyday desktop items such as pens, CD’s, markers, paper clips, stamps and more.

The Keyboard Organiser™ is the World’s first patented, fully functioning computer keyboard that opens to have internal storage space for all desk top

When the keyboard organizer is in the full, upright position it stays open without tipping over! It is only one tenth of an inch thicker than the normal keyboard and still thinner than many other keyboards in the market.

The Keyboard Organiser has won many awards, including one at the Las Vegas CES show this year.

  • Cuts desktop clutter! Increase your efficiency
  • PS2 Keyboard connector
  • Only slightly thicker than a standard keyboard
  • Dimensions: 45cm x 20cm by 3.5cm