Hydro Greenhouse



Hydroponics is the science and practice of growing plants using a solution of water and nutrients instead of soil. The term is a combination of two Greek words roughly meaning water working. It 1936 a Dr. Gericke successfully grew plants on a large scale in a solution of water and mineral salts. Due to lack of better equipment, he used his bathtub for the growing bed!

Today, modern hydroponics greenhouses produce high yields of fresh, nutritious crops for distribution to may parts of the world – often places where it is not possible to grow crops with soil because it is too arid or there is not enough room for fields.

Now you can experiment with Hydroponics at home with our hydroponics greenhouse kit which provides your plants with ideal growing conditions.

You’ll be able to grow from seed to seedling stage fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers and plants in a controlled growth environment. You’ll have total confidence in what your plants are fed, because Hydro Greenhouse’s unique Auto-Feed feature automatically supplies plants with complete, balanced nutrition.

The kit includes:

Planting Bed – Space-saving table-top size can be placed almost anywhere for your convenience.
Greenhouse Cover – Transparent and vented. Provides a warm, protected, humid climate perfect for healthy germination and early growth.
Reservoir Bottle – 600 ml easy-access bottle automatically dispenses nutrient solution. Includes cap for easy mixing.
Nutrient Transfer Strip – Absorbent feeding wick transfers nutrient from the Reservoir Bottle and evenly disperses water and nutrient into the Growing Medium.
Growing Medium- Inert, pH-controlled mixture provides a clean, odorless support for roots. Excellent moisture-retention capability. Course-grade aggregate provides uniform aeration.
Nutrient Mix – Year supply balanced formula provides your plants with all the essential minerals and trace elements in their purest form. Mixes instantly in water. pH-balanced and odorless.
Gardening Tools – Includes shovel for digging holes for seeding, fork for leveling Growing Medium and Nutrient Spoon for measuring Nutrient Mix.

Hydro Greenhouse is absolutely safe to operate indoors or out because it is non-electric. What’s more, there is never a fear of soil-borne diseases, insects, weeds or odours since Hydro Greenhouse uses no soil!


  • Self-contained greenhouse uses advanced hydroponic technology
  • Grow vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers
  • Nutrient reservoir and auto feed system
  • Mini gardening tools included
  • 35 x 16 x 33cm greenhouse has 26cm planting bed