Hungry Hippos



es people, it’s the frantic marble munching game that everyone just can’t help loving! Good old Henry, Harry, Homer and Happy Hippo are so hungry they could chew off their own legs. Feed them all of the marbles and see who munches the most!
It’s the penultimate game of the eighties, Hungry Hippos! There’s one hell of a rumble in the jungle – no, it’s not Michelle McManus’s belly it’s these marble munching hippopotami! Four hippos, buckets full of marbles and you rowdy lot after a night out on the shandy!

Wipe that kebab and chilli sauce from your boat and get whacking these hippos’ tails to eat as many marbles as possible! You’re probably thinking, since when did hippos eat marbles?? Well, we tried replacing them with some lilypads and swamp vegetation but, funnily enough, the game didn’t really get going!

width= To play the game choose one of these little fatties and place five marbles in the channel next to it. Choose who goes first and play commences. On your turn release a marble by pressing the black lever. As soon as the marble’s released, frantically whack on the hippos tail until the marble has been munched.

When all the marbles have been munched, count ’em up and the player with the most marbles wins! For a really fast game, all the players release their marbles at once and attempt to munch as many as you can!


  • Hippo Game Base
  • 4 Hippo attachments
  • 4 Hippo Heads
  • 4 levers
  • 20 marbles
  • Label Sheet