Hovpod Hovercraft



The Hovpod can be used on sand, snow, grass or water and can reach speeds of up to 45 miles an hour! Whether it’s to ride some waves in sunny Mexico, slide on sand in the Sahara or just to miss the traffic and cruise down the Thames to work, this new innovation for hover travel is the ultimate in luxury big boys toys!

Hovercraft has finally come of age for marine leisure fun with the adrenalin pumping, exhilarating Hov Pod. No more waiting for the tide, Hov Pods fly straight out over the sand and mud at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. This hovercraft has been designed for marine leisure with ease of use, safety and durability as key design objectives.

Not to be confused with kit-supplied built hovercraft projects, every hovercraft leaves our factory ready manufactured, with new engines, fully tested and ready to fly. The emphasis is on fun – guaranteed to raise a smile and three adults, up to 727 pounds on water starts (HP65).

No more jumping into freezing water to get the hovercraft onto a trailer, just drive up the slipway, step out onto terra firma. Hovercraft is better than PWCs and boats on the beach, better than quad-bikes on water, the ultimate must-have all terrain vehicle. Hover on a cushion of air, skim across the surface, do 180 turns and 360 spins, Hov Podding is lots of fun and a great hobby!

Not restricted to the seaside, lake or shallow river exploration, the Hov Pod hovercraft can handle desert, grass, packed snow and ice and have the power to ascend steep gradients. Seeing is believing; the photograph opposite shows one of our hovercraft in action on sand dunes in Dubai.


  • Two Cylinder 2-Stroke 625cc engine
  • Top speed 40 45mph – 65 km/h
  • Cruise speed 20mph – 35 km/h
  • Operational Conditions on in-shore water – Force 4 Beaufort Wind Scale
  • Max payload – 250Kg (on water starts), 400kg on land
  • Fuel tank -portable 25 Litre
  • Length 3.63m, Width 1.86m, Height 1.49m