Hot Packs



Forget all that cold malarkey, we want heat, heat and more heat, it’s what us humans are designed for. Warm up the parts other heaters can’t reach with these Hot Packs. Choose either the heart twin pack or the blue disc twin pack to keep those digits frost-free. How does it all work? Magic is the answer, there’s nothing more to it.

Only kidding. Having said that, Hot Packs really are quite a ‘cool’ (oh how very drole) gadget. Each one comprises of a clear liquid and a metal disc encased in a plastic shell.

To produce heat, you must flex that metal disc (which looks like a button from a pair of jeans) backwards and forwards a few times until crystals start to form. This resembles something out of The Day After Tomorrow where ice rapidly covers the ground in a white sheet of frost. In this case, the crystals race across the pack in 3 or 4 seconds in an impressive display of speed. It’s quite a sight to behold really. And of course this transformation brings on instant heat (approx 130 degrees F) which remains constant for approximately 25 minutes before gradually dissipating.

Once you feel that cosy warmth emanating from the plastic, you are ready to confront the elements. As Hot Packs are sold in packs of 2, why not place one in each trouser pocket as you walk to work. Your hands will be the happiest appendages in the world. Or if you prefer to cross your arms while marching about the place then double click those metal discs, get the packs in your arm pits and stop your precious fingers from freezing.

Hot Packs are reusable. Simply bung the pack in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve the crystals, leave to cool taking care not to touch the pack directly with your hands and then the pack is ready to reuse. Available in either a romantic pack of hearts (1 red, 1 white) or a pair of blue discs. Hot Packs are clever little gizmo’s that will keep your bits warm where ever you go. Keep ‘em in your handbag or coat pocket, ready for that big freeze. Goodbye frostbite hello mucho caliente!