Half Yard of Ale



The Half Yard Ale glass has been re-released in the form of Hero to Zero! It’s the old classic drinking phenomenon and a real tester for the big shots. All of us have got a mate who brags they can neck a pint of beer in under 3 seconds. Now it’s time to put them to the test! This is the ultimate drinking challenge, only big gulpers need apply. So you’re probably thinking… Half yard, that’s not much…. well, my thirsty drinking partners, let me tell you… it is! The Zero to Hero measures a whopping 18 inches high and considering a pint glass only measures roughly 6.5 inches high you can put the size of this giant drinking contraption into perspective.

It’s easy to use and, to be honest, why shouldn’t it be, it’s only a glass! Simply fill it up to the Zero line with your favourite lager and try and drink that half yard as fast as you can! If you’re a seasoned drinker and you down it in one, you’ll earn the hankered after title of ‘Hero’, but if you’re coughing and spluttering beer halfway across the room, after one pathetic mouthful, you’ll be faced the utter humiliation of being branded a big fat ‘Zero’!


  • 1 Zero to Hero – Half Yard Ale Glass (made from durable plastic for safety precautions)
  • Holds half a yard of ale or anything else you want to put in it
  • ‘Zero’ and ‘Hero’ ratings
  • Comes in presentation box