Giant Spacehopper



Space hoppers are no longer associated with jelly and ice cream alongside a tap on the backside and a tat-filled party bag. They’re back; the original Oddballs, the ultimate in retro fun and games! If you don’t mind looking like an absolute doughnut bouncing along the road on one of these badboys, then the Oddball is for you!

If you lot were anything like us when you were younger we can guarantee at some point of your some-what idiosyncratic existence you have bounced about on one of these big rubber balls with ears! Well, most of us have anyway. Why? Don’t ask; if you put it down on paper this seems like an absolutely pointless thing to do. But put it into action and you’ll see that hopping around like a dillusional mongolian mud monkey on an inflatable water melon is actually a lot of fun!
There are lots of ways you can have fun with the Space Hopper, but by far the best way is to race ’em. That’s why the Oddball designers have fashioned them in four different colours and have daubed big numbers right across the front of them. Perfect for some serious competitions!

The obvious environment for your Oddball is over the park or the common where you can really take advantage of its rubbery temperament. Hands down it will beat taking a flat football or a dog chewed tennis ball any day of the week! Simply line ’em up, get on board, pull them ears and bounce until you can’t bounce no more!

The original Oddballs come in three colours – Orange (1), Pink (2) and Blue (3). But for the ultimate busy body and competiton professional there’s now the new flaming eight ball which comes complete with hand pump and racing flag.


  • Oddballs on average measure a diameter of 24 inches/61cm.
  • Orange has the number ‘1’ printed on it; pink has ‘2’; blue ‘3’ and the Flaming 8 Ball has the number ‘8’ on it. durghh!
  • Oddballs will arrive deflated, so you’ll have to pump them up with a foot pump, electric pump or compressed air pump.
  • Never inflate past 25 inches/63.5cm.
  • Oddballs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as long as you avoid sharp objects!!!