Fridgeplay Magnetic Games



Ever find yourself gravitating to the kitchen at parties? In friends’ and families’ houses we all head to the kitchen at some point. And here’s a great reason to stay there!

Magnetic games from fridgeplay are simply stuck on the fridge and played! Each time you and your partner / boss / mate go to the fridge – you take a turn.

The innovative “your turn” square keeps track of who’s turn it is.. Its even possible to play a whole game without even meeting…

These games can be played over weeks or months so just because your competitor dips into the fridge at different times or on different days – that’s no excuse not to enjoy a game together!

How many games can your fridge door hold.. and can you multi-task well enough to play all of them simultaneously?


Fridgefootie is a 6-a-side magnetic football game that brings all the skills, drama and strategy of our national game to your fridge door. It obeys all the rules of the true game with passing, tackling, shooting and even yellow and red cards to send your mates to the dug out.

Addictive, fun and challenging, Fridgefootie is versatile because it can be played and adapted for various skill levels. The more you play the more strategy you will be able to introduce into your tactics. Still, with the ‘decider dial’, there is of course always that tricky element of chance or an outrageous decision by the ref!


fridgefinger is fridgeplay’s first game that uses the hand as a fully-fledge playing piece. This original game of fun tests the dexterity of the players’ fingers whilst comically tangling them up with their opponents. A specially adapted fridgeplay spin-dial adds uncontrollable laughter to each tactile move. Dreamt up by fridgeplay’s fruity partygoers, fridgefinger adds electric energy to any gathering – and the forfeit for loosing can be as wicked as you wish!


We’re not talking the Battle of Britain; we’re talking the Battle of the Fridge. Forming any sort of strategy before you go out may well prove difficult if your ships get blown up. Watch out for the bombs and see your opponent sink to great depths. A cool drinking game for any party.

Classically designed yet breaking the traditional look of the game through the stylised design of the chess pieces. Unbeateable for a challenging game. fridgecheckers
Stunning in white with black lettering, fridgecheckers renews the mass global appeal of one of the earliest strategic mediums to test lateral thinking.
The fridgeplay spin-dial adds the dimension of chance to the game, normally associated with the rolling of dice. A much-loved game for young and old.
Fridgefour is an absolute ‘four-play’ favourite for young and old. Designed for urban living in today’s fast-paced society.
Fridgeplay brings an ancient game of Backgammon up-to-date and moulds it to meet the demands of today’s lifestyle. The fridgeplay spin-dial adds the dimension of chance to the game, normally associated with the rolling of dice.

  • Dimensions 19 x 19cm