Flu Fleur Glowing Flower



Flu Fleur is the ideal “plant” for those of us who aren’t exactly green fingered! This cheery little cyber flower will brighten up the desk of even the gloomiest office – with not a drop of Baby Bio in sight!

Ideal for either your work desk or at home, the little chillout tulip flutters it’s soft petals and glows soothingly whenever it hears a sound. Simply place it on top of a hifi speaker, and watch it bloom as the bass booms, or pop it on your monitor and watch it flower as your phone rings.

Flu Fleur is a great little stress reliever – after all, it’s difficult to take your manager’s rants seriously when this cheerful little flower is fluttering in time to his ravings! Just make sure Edna from accounts doesn’t empty her tea leaves into the pot because, unlike the real thing, this little cyber plant is flower-powered by batteries.

  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Approx 14cm tall and 10cm diameter
  • Flutters its petals and glows soothingly in response to sound