Executive Marble Run



Feeling stressed? Bored? Inquisitive? This set of finely engineered blocks is perfect for playtime in the office.Build the construction of your dreams, and let those steel balls roll! Powered by pure boredom at your work place, which, lets face it, in’t really going anywhere anyway!

You could just go out and buy one of those standard Marble runs but why waste your time and money when you can have the Executive edition?!Anyway, you’d look like a bit of a lemon with a cheap and tacky multicoloured lump of plastic sitting on the edge of your leather trimmed desk

This excellent grown-ups’ toy allows you to pretend to be investigating the fascination interplay between the forces of momentum, friction and gravity… when in fact you’re just doing absolutely jack! More than just your average executive toy. Hours of fun. This marble run construction set allows one to play with their marbles instead of losing them!


  • 22 chunky pieces
  • 8 ball bearings
  • 1 storage tin