Deluxe Electronic Countdown Game



Countdown was the first ever show on Channel 4 when it launched in November 1982, and since then has built up a cult following.

In the show, contestants score points by forming the longest words, reaching the targets in the numbers games, and being the first to solve the nine-letter Conundrum.

And now you can play the game at home, with this Electronic Countdown game which emulates the popular show.

Play the three famous games – word, number and conundrum – exactly as on the TV show.

For the words rounds, the game will select random letters according to the players’ choices of vowels and consonants.

For the numbers rounds, the game emulates CECIL (“Countdown’s Electronic Calculator In Leeds”) by generating a three digit number for contestants to reach from a selection of numbers also chosen at random.

The final conundrum round is achieved using the games internal database of words from the Oxford Dictionary of English.

The large 3-line LCD display makes play easy for all to see, and 15 separate LED lights act as the countdown.

Also includes hall of fame feature, fast intuitive entry system, high quality sound effects (taken from the TV game show) and Countdown theme tune.

Suitable for 1 or 2 players (or teams). Includes batteries.