Death Mints



Breath like a hippo? Are women running away when you speak? Guess what? We’ve come to the rescue, again! These Death Mints are seriously strong stuff. Ideal for for those days after a run-in with a stomach twisting curry or a bout with a baguette of garlic bread! Each collectable coffin-shaped tin contains a bucket load of mints that will leave you with fresh breath to die for!

It’s a common problem today, some people just have really bad breath! Luckily for all of those unfortunate people, there’s a bunch of extremely bored unemployed scientists who’ve come up with a solution for your oh so smelly dilemma; the Death Mints. One hundred potent mints dedicated to take the smell out of your yell!

So our halitosis ridden friends, there will be no more foul smelling morning breath, no more wilting flowers, just pop one of these bad boys in your funnel and you’ll be breathing crispy fresh breath all day long!


  • 1 Coffin shape tin of Death Mints
  • 100 Potent mints
  • Ultra strong and effective