Dashboard Talking Homer Simpson



That morning drive to work isn’t much fun is it? Come to think of it, the drive home isn’t much better. You could do with something to brighten it up couldn’t you? Say, something like a small Homer Simpson on your dashboard. Perhaps one that comes out with witty little comments at opportune moments and provide you with some humourous yet cutting remarks to offer other road users? Well, it’s funny you should say that!

Your very own version of Homer can be set to respond either to the touch of a button, or to react automatically to the motion of the car, with comments including:

“Yeah yeah, quit your waving. I’ll move through the intersection when I’m good and ready. Officer.”
“ Red light turn green….now….now….okay….now…..it worked!”
“ Your child might be an honours student, but you’re a moron!”
“ What is it? National Stupid Drivers Day?”
“ Oooh – why do slow people have to be in front of me?”
“ Eh, watch it – you don’t own the road!”
“ Why don’t you come here and say that, huh? That’s what I thought, turn your walker around and hobble away granny!”

  • Makes comments in real Homer Simpson voice!
  • Reacts to change in car’s motion
  • Can also be activated by push button
  • Height – 15cm. Base Diameter – 7cm
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Includes self-adhesive hook and loop tape for mounting in vehicle