Commodore 64 Plug ‘n’ Play



One retro style joystick, one telly and thirty games is all you’ll need to make those oh so fond distant memories come flooding back! The Commodore 64 has been “reborn” into a simple plug and play unit that connects directly to your television. It’s now supplied in a PAL format and is ideal for use in the U.K, Europe and anywhere else you might wanna jam this plug ‘n’ play unit into the back of a telly!

The Commodore 64 is recognised by the Guinness Book Of Records as the highest selling home computer of all time, with sales exceeding 30 million, with about 6 million sold in the UK alone. The Commodore 64 still has a loyal retro community of about 4 million users and that’s why we’ve brought you the Plug ‘n’ Play version so you can be reverted into a real 64 junkie!

What makes the C64-DTV even better, is that it has the ability to be expanded into a fully functional Commodore computer. There are many hacks available, including the famous BASIC blue screen, and a visual keyboard for programming. The C64-DTV can be used as a real Commodore and you can connect tape drives, floppy drives and even a PS2 keyboard for the real fans (accessories are not included).

The C64-DTV is tipped to be the best retro games machine of 2006, with over 35,000 units sold in the first 24 hours of release in November 2005 on QVC in America. This unit is assured to swamp the UK and EU markets and is tipped to be the best selling retro games machine for 2006!

Comes with the following games:

Head The Ball, AlleyKat, California Games, Marauder Maze Mania, Netherworld, Impossible Mission, Impossible Mission 2, Summer Games, Jumpman Jr, Paradroid, Pitstop, Pitstop II, Ranarama, Winter Games, Speedball, Championship Wrestling, Firelord, Eliminator, Exolon, Gateway to Apshai, Sword of Fargoal, Zynaps, Super Cycle, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Cyberdyne Warrior, Nebulus and Uridium