Classic Mr. Potato Head



You’ve just gotta love the spuds! For generations no childhood has been complete without some face time with Mr. Potato Head! It’s up to you whether he’s feeling happy, sad, silly or outright goofy (is that a nose on top of your head?!!).
Face it, Mr. Potato Head is a legendary toy which everyone had. These changeable friends have staying power for a reason. Besides the sheer fun of giving Mr. Potato head a make-over, they respond to that fundamental desire to be creative.

Mr. Potato Head comes with lots of different accessories – eyes, mouth, nose, ears, arms, feet, glasses, moustache and hat, which all can be stored in a compartment built into the potato body! Mix and match play could not be more fun as the amount of looks you can give your vegetable friend are endless!

No doubt about it, versatility has always been at the heart of this potato family’s style. The multitude of choices means you get to play your way. Whatever your taste, these are the sweetest potatoes around.


  • 1 Potato body
  • 2 eyes
  • 1 Mouth
  • 1 Nose
  • 2 Ears
  • 2 Arms
  • 2 Feet
  • 1 Pair of glasses
  • 1 Moustache
  • 1 Hat

Please note:

Mr. Potato head is non-edible so please don’t chuck him in the oven and butter him up because he will melt and won’t taste very nice.