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“Chocolate Time” lets you create great tasting chocolate sweets at home.When you melt chocolate the “old way” on a stove top, the chocolate hardens the second the pot is taken off the stove, and much of it goes to waste!

The Chocolate Time is different, because it’s an electric chocolate melting pot and the chocolate stays melted and soft. No need to boil water, or use the stove.

Create chocolate covered strawberries, peanuts raisins, or even cover ice cream in chocolate for a homemade ice cream bar – all using your favourite type and brand of chocolate!

Make truffles, or simply melt chocolate into a variety of shapes and sizes including hearts, christmas trees, stars and more.

Complete with:

  • Chocolate melting base
  • Separate Chocolate pouring pot
  • Spatula
  • Drip Rack
  • Moulds for various chocolate shapes
  • 10 wooden chocolate fondue sticks
  • 10 plastic fruit dipping forks
  • Spiral fork for truffle dipping
  • Flat chocolate making fork
  • Recipe Ideas booklet with instructions