Chameleon Stones



The amazing colour changing memory game which will work your brain to hand co-ordination, no end! Chameleon Stones is a smart memory game with 24 mystical stones. Each stone has an unique secret colour. By piling the stones on top of each other the secret color becomes visible. The more the stones are piled up correctly, the more information you get. Chameleon Stones takes the concept of memory games to a higher level.

To play you place a stone in a holder; when another stone is placed on top of it the lower stone automatically changes to its secret colour. If the colour of a placed stone matches the ‘secret’ colour of the stone below it, the stone may stay in place and the player goes on to play again.

If a placing is bad, the whole tower of stones must be removed and taken back by the player; the top (placed) stone goes into the holder, to form the base of a new tower. Remember the opponent’s secret colours to win!


  • Pieces 6cm, Box 43cm
  • Suitable for 2-6 players
  • For ages 5 and up