Candy Grabber



Walk past a full size version of one of these at the seaside or in a funfair, and like a mermaid it always has an irresistible pull, tempting you to your fate. Next thing you know, you’ve had not 1 but 10 goes and your wallet has been inexplicably emptied of all its coinage. Is there anyone out there who is able to leave the machine alone after one go? No. These dastardly contraptions really were and still are addictive. And more often than not, the victim walks away empty-handed, the pointless fluffy toys peering back at you through the glass. Of course it is sometimes possible to pass by and resist the lure of these evil machines. But not always…

Well you needn’t worry about this any longer. The Candy Grabber allows you to indulge in sugar heaven all you want, safe in the knowledge that you’re kids’ lunch money will not get spanked on mere frivolities. Put whatever you want in there as long as it fits but in most cases you’ll find yourself wacking sweets in there.

Pop some real money or one of the provided fake coins into the Candy Grabber and some strange nostalgic music pipes up, charming you all the way back to your childhood and those days spent at the fair. While this cacophony resounds you have just over a minute to control the large grabber inside the machine and rescue one of the sweet treats laying helplessly below. As you run out of time the music speeds up, finally come to a halt when your time is up.

And treats they certainly will be as the Candy Grabber won’t give up its contents too easily. Manoeuvre the three joysticks left, right, up and down to control the grabber on its quest for sugar heaven. If you do manage to catch something, drop it in the hole and you’re rewarded by some applause. Silly but satisfying, especially as you pop your confectionery into your eagerly-awaiting gob. Yum. This infuriating contraption may actually stop you from just reaching in to that Quality Streets box at work and eating 1 chocolate per minute. It will become a real pleasure to fight for your prize.

So stop grabbing ladies bottoms and instead refine your hand technique with the Candy Grabber. A treat catcher for the masses at home or at work.