Butt Head



Oi! Butt Head, no! This is the funniest, fastest and damn right stupid game for 2006! Great for indoors or out and it can only get funnier the drunker you are. It’s great for parties or idle evenings. This is real entertainment for all ages and, to be honest, what could be better than launching balls at your mates’ heads and scoring points for it? Nah, exactly, not much. Welcome to the land of Butt Head!

A very strange but amusing idea. The illuminous swimming-type hat has velcro strips attached to it to which lightweight balls adhere. Basically, the head is the target and obvious source of hilarity, whether you’re trying to avoid or assist the thrower. Great fun at parties, weddings or barmitzvahs but also endlessly entertaining for just a couple of players!

You can play with unlimited amounts of players obviously depending on how many Butt Head sets you buy. The two player game is called killer and is played with two people facing each other a couple of metres apart. The first player chucks the balls at their opponent’s hat to score points. Once you reach 500 points you then become the killer. From that moment on your score gets taken off your opponent’s total, instead of your own; get them down to 0 and you are the Butt Head champion!


  • Illuminous hat with velcro strips attached
  • You act as a target for balls to stick to
  • Two hats & three balls per set