Bullseye In Your Pocket

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Bullseye was one of the star TV shows of the 80’s – and a selection of Jim Bowen’s most popular sayings have been immortalised in this pocket sound machine for you to enjoy or share whenever you want!

Bullseye had a staggering run of popularity running for 15 years in all ITV regions from 1980 to 1994, drawing some of the highest TV ratings ever with a peak audience of 19.8 million!

The show is now seen as an icon of British TV and its presenter, Jim Bowen, has seen many of the catchphrases he used come into every language.

The show blended sardonic humour with an entertaining format which appealed to the whole families who lusted after the prizes on offer which ranged from egg whisks to speedboats and caravans!

Bullseye is cited as a major influence by northern comics such as Peter Kay, and is due for a return to British TV screen soon.

Phrases included are:

“Now you’ve won nothing, but here’s your B-F-H, your Bus Fare Home”

“Oh not another speed boat is it”

“Super, Smashing, Great!”

“Look at what you could have won.”

“I’ve got seven ponds here, it’s going to take me two minutes to count this out,
I’ll see you after the break – it gets no better!”

“Here’s your spelling question, spell “dog”… I’ll check that with Bully. Mooooo!”


  • Authentic Jim Bowen recordings
  • Includes key ring
  • Size approx 4.5 x 9 x 2cm
  • Includes required batteries (3 x LR44)