Boss Toss



Don’t you just hate it when your boss is on your back and won’t leave you alone? There’s a good chance that no amount of yoga or squeezing that company logoed stress ball is going to help you. Well, guess what? Yep, you got it, we’ve come up with the ultimate answer in stress relieving office tat. The Boss Toss! Relieve yourself from all that corporate stress and send your soppy supervisors skyward. About time!

It has happened to the best of us. You’re at work slogging your guts out, minding your own business, the boss comes over and decides to jump down your throat. This little stress saver will solve that problem quicker than you’ll be able to…err…catapult your boss right across the office!

The problem is you can’t really tell your boss to take a hike and there’s not much chance unless he’s a 3 foot Pygmy that you’ll be able to launch across the office yourself; enter the Boss Toss! Load the little plastic executives into the plastic shooting device and pull the trigger. Send those suits flying skyward over cubicles toward co-workers and watch your work related stress disappear!

There is something extremely pleasing about seeing these little plastic executives shooting through the air. Our guess is that you probably have some colleagues in the same boat, so why not start a pool for whose round it is in the pub? The Boss Toss comes with 4 mini executives and a bullseye target on the back of the packaging with the boss’ picture in the centre. Whoever loses gets the first round! Add one to your cart now before you do something you really shouldn’t!


  • Boss Toss Gun
  • 4 x Plastic executives
  • Bullseye
  • Printed instructions