Bop It Extreme 2

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Compete to the beat! Play solo or head to head as you bop it, twist it, pull it and flick it; six ways to play. Now with a mix of four different music styles: Pop, Rock, Latin and R&B beats! Plus the longer you play, the more the beats evolve and change, so can you still Bop-It! You don’t have long, so make sure you perform the correct action because if you take too long the game is over!

If you can remember the release of the original Bop It game, a few years back, you will also remember how addictive and just how much fun that was to play. So when we heard about the release of Bop It Extreme II you can just about imagine our excitement!

Not only does this version of the game work exactly like the older one it’s also jam packed with loads of other new functions and characteristics! It’s got four new music styles and you can also unlock new beats when you start getting really good!

This newer and more advanced version has an earphone jack if you want to do a bit of personal bopping or you could just run a lead directly from your Bop It Extreme II straight to an amplifier, crank it up and really annoy the neighbours!

You can play with an unlimited amount of players, which is generally a bit more fun than bopping it alone. Or, why not add a couple of pints to the equation and really test your memory. Bop It Extreme II is the ultimate in fast action memory games and only time will tell who is top of the bops or just the flops!


  • 4 different music styles: Pop, Rock, Latin, R&B
  • The further you get, the more beats you unlock!
  • 3 games in two modes with 6 different ways to play
  • Headphone jack
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (Not included)